The Number One Medicare Question

The Number One Medicare Question

Each and every day I get asked numerous questions about Medicare. After 15 years helping clients navigate the complexities, I’d like to think I’ve heard it all. In reality though, Medicare keeps changing so I never stop learning.  Some questions are simple. They can be answered with yes or no. Or they have a set dollar amount like how much will Original Medicare cost or what doctors can I see. There is one question, however, I hear almost daily. One that I can’t ever truly answer and only leads to more questions:

“What’s the best plan?”

The real answer to this question is- wait for it- there is no best plan.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that this answer doesn’t always sit well with clients initially.  They’ll remind me that the reason they called me in the first place is that I’m the expert and they’re trusting me to help them choose the best plan.


The reality is this.  What does best mean to you? Some people want a plan that is low maintenance that provides comprehensive coverage. Others don’t like paying insurance premiums and want a lower cost option (count me in). Still, others need make sure that specific medical conditions are covered or that the doctor next to their beach house accepts their plan.


At this point in our conversation, I concede that I don’t have an answer for their question.  I let them know that there’s another and better way to approach the health insurance decisions by reframing the question.  Let’s look at this way:

“What’s plan is appropriate for you?”

This is the question that only needs to more questions. What doctors do you see? What medications do you take? Do you have any specific health concerns I need to know about? What about travel and the portability of your plan? These simple questions will begin to point me in the right direction. They will assist in finding a plan that covers their health needs and in a way that works within their budget.

So, the next time you see a commercial offering something that looks too good to be true (it is) or hear an insurance agent claim his plan is better than all the rest (it’s not), remember this. There is no free lunch, no magic Medicare bullet, and no best plan. There is a plan, however, that is right for you. And i2 Agency can help you find it.

If you have additional questions or need immediate assistance, message us and request a one-on-one consultation with one of our licensed agents. It’s always free and there’s no obligation. 

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