Senior Healthcare

148152951The most complicated insurance you’ll ever have starts when you become eligible for Medicare.  Not only is Medicare complicated, it was never designed to cover everything.  On average a retiree will spend over $260,000 on premiums, copays, and other charges not related to long-term care.  So what are your options?]


There are plenty out there:

  1. Medicare only
  2. Medicare and a Prescription Drug Plan
  3. Medicare, a Prescription Drug Plan, & a Medicare Supplement
  4. Medicare Advantage Plan
  5. Continue on your employer sponsored plan.

In the state of Tennessee, there are over 30 drug plans, over 20 Medicare Advantage Plans, dozens of Medicare Supplement companies offering numerous plans…

Confused yet?  How can you be sure which route is right for you?

The i2 Agency can help you find the appropriate option.  We take a holistic approach to your retirement and make sure all the moving parts are working together. We can reduce your expenses so that you don’t overpay and get the right coverage at the right price.  We make it simple and easy to understand.

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