Retirement Solutions

149005186The main component of retirement is uncertainty. If it weren’t for that we would know how much to save, what investment vehicles to utilize, and what medical conditions to account for. Our approach at the i2 Agency is to prepare for the worst-case scenario, and if it never happens your family is left in an optimal position. Too many times people plan for best-case scenario and then life happens, and retirement goes from being proactive to reactive. The second most difficult component of retirement or even approaching retirement is change. We get comfortable in what we do and there should be a change that occurs as we approach ages 50-65. That change is from accumulation to preservation. Financial crisis and stock market changes can drastically impact your portfolio, so it’s very important to start putting your nest egg into products that guarantee your principle, and still give you the ability for the upside of the stock market. Here at the i2 Agency we can proudly say we have never lost a dime for our clients, have rescued some nightmare policies, and our clients have experienced great returns while assuming no market risk to their principal. The size of your nest egg makes no difference, as we are concerned with the principles behind how you prepare for retirement, rather than blanket absolute statements. You are unique, and your portfolio should reflect your needs and give you built in protection.