Long Term Care

133441128It’s hard to come across someone who hasn’t firsthand felt the pains of a long-term care situation.  Alzheimer’s and Dementia are affecting more and more families than ever and the care involved for a loved one can last for years.  A sudden stroke or other physical disability can instantly change even the best planned retirement solution.

Long term care is not only hard on the receiver of care. Often times, it takes a toll on the caretaker too, emotionally and physically.   Whether the care is given in home by a family member or in a facility, it’s a difficult situation.  And no parent wants their child to have to help them with the intimate chores of bathing, toileting, dressing and the like.

The best solution for addressing the need for long term care is planning ahead.  In fact, most experts will tell you it’s the number one financial risk to your retirement and that by age 50 you should start looking for a solution that will meet your needs and retirement goals.  Like all insurance, the rates are always best when your young and healthy.

Here’s more good news, today there are many different options in the market.  There are traditional long term care plans as well as  long term care plans built into life insurance and annuities.  Many people are selecting these plans  that provide payouts even in the event they are fortunate enough to forgo a long term care situation.

You owe it to your family to find out what’s best for your situation. The peace of mind you’ll have will be worth it.

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