Life Insurance

122515010Everyone assumes they need some life insurance- that it’s part of any solid financial plan.

But when it comes to how much and what kind, that’s where the confusion begins.

The answer to those questions is…it all depends on what you want the life insurance to do for you.

Some people only need a small policy to provide for their burial.

Some need a larger policy to provide for a spouse and children in case of unexpected death.

And some our our clients use life insurance as a part of estate planning to relieve their heirs of the tax implications that can arise when passing on their wealth.

We even have clients that use life insurance as a vehicle to provide future retirement income.

Our financial situations change over time, so even if you have a policy, it’s a good idea to review it and make sure it’s still meeting your current needs.

That’s where the i2 Agency can help. We will review your plan and assess your needs at no charge or obligation to you. Then, if it’s appropriate, we will shop the market to make sure you are getting the coverage you need at the best price available from one of our highly rated carriers.


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